"Intel tools for grid programming"

Ralf Ratering

Intel Software & Solutions Group
Hermuelheimer Strasse 8a, 50321 Bruehl, Germany
Tel: +49 2232 209049, Fax: +49 2232 209029


In this tutorial we will give an introduction to Intel Software Tools that are useful in the Grid context. We will focus on the Open Source Grid Programming Environment (GPE). GPE provides a full Grid software stack that can be used out-of-the-box. It supports the Globus Toolkit, UNICORE and the China Grid Support Package (CGSP). With GPE it is possible to access computational and data resources from geographically distributed data centers though standardized service interfaces, the so-called atomic services.

On top of these interfaces, GPE includes programming tools for portable Grid application development and graphical user interfaces that hide the underlying technology from the end user. The talk is going to introduce GPE and its concepts. We will then discuss challenges posed by state-of-the-art grid requirements and the answers that GPE's key features provide.

In the hands-on session attendees will learn how to run simple Grid jobs using the graphical GPE client framework on top of the UNICORE test grid. In addition Java programming exercises are being offered that show how to implement Grid jobs using GPE.

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