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Author's Instructions for Accepted Contributions in the PPAM 2017 Proceedings Published in the LNCS Series of Springer

General Information

The PPAM2017 Proceedings will be published by Springer in their Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Please follow the new version of the "Information for LNCS Authors" available on Springer website: Springer website.

Following these Instructions, the mandatory requirement for Authors is to put the list of keywords within the Abstract section.

We strongly encourage you to include DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) in your references. The DOI is a unique code allotted by the publisher to each online paper or journal article. It provides a stable way of finding published papers and their metadata.

Manuscripts must be accompanied by a signed copyright form, as well as an letter explaining how remarks of reviewers have been addressed in the final version of the paper. The Chairs of the Main Track and Workshops will check if remarks of reviewers are properly addressed.

In the copyright form, Volume Editor is “Roman Wyrzykowski”, while Title of the Contribution is simply “PPAM 2017”.

Please send all files of your contribution (see below), and the completed and signed copyright form using the EasyChair system.

Important remark

Please leave the previous .pdf file with submission without changes, and upload all new material as an attachment (archive – zip, tgz, tar or gz).

Additional Information Required by the Volume Editors

For each contribution, we need the name and e-mail address of the contact author. The contact author will be responsible for checking through the final pdf from the Proceedings to make sure that no errors have crept in during the transfer or preparation of the files. This should not be seen as an opportunity to update or edit the papers. Only errors introduced during the preparation of the files by the Publisher will be corrected.

When sending your final files, please include README file, which besides the name and e-mail address of the contact author, should contain information which of your names is/are your first name(s) and which is/are your family name(s). This is important because authors are listed alphabetically according to their surnames in the author index.

An example of contents for README file is shown below:

Contact author: Roman Wyrzykowski, roman@icis.pcz.pl


Roman Wyrzykowski - Family name: Wyrzykowski

Krzysztof Rojek - Family name: Rojek

Lukasz Szustak - Family name: Szustak

Preparing Your Manuscript

We will accept only camera-ready manuscripts prepared using LaTeX2e together with the corresponding Springer class file llncs.cls. Only if you use LaTeX2e and llncs.cls, it will we be possible to add hyperlinks to your manuscript in the online version. We would like to stress that the style files should not be manipulated and that the guidelines regarding font sizes and format should be adhered to. This is to ensure that the end product is as homogeneous as possible.

Author's Names

The table of contents and the author index are actually created from the headers of the papers. We therefore ask you to check that the names in the headers are written as they should appear in the table of contents and the author index. We prefer names to be written out in full whenever possible. Please also make sure that no academic titles are included in the headers.

How to Submit Your Manuscript

Please submit your source (input) files, e.g., TEX files for the text and EPS or JPG, or PNG, or PDF files for figures, PDF file of the final version of your contribution, as well as the README file, and copyright form (one per paper, signed by one author on behalf of all the authors of the paper). Please compress them with zip or tar.gz.

Naming of the Electronic Files

The invited and contributed presentations are labeled IPxxx and CPxxx, respectively. These labels will be used to identify the electronic files of each individual manuscript.

Please, name all files in the following way. The name of each file name should be IPxxx.yyy for invited presentation xxx, where xxx is a surname of the first author, and CPxxx.yyy for contributed presentation, where xxx = {001 to 109}. Moreover, .yyy denotes the appropriate file name extension, e.g., .tex, .pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png, etc. The file names of figures should be IPxxx_fig1.yyy, IPxx_fig2.yyy, etc.

We illustrate the naming conventions for manuscript CP015, that we assume is prepared using LeTeX2e. The manuscript is assumed to include two figures in eps-format.

The following files should be submitted:

  • CP015.tex
  • CP015_fig1.eps
  • CP015_fig2.eps
  • CP015.pdf
  • CP015_letter.txt
  • CP015_README.txt
  • CP015_COPYRIGHT.pdf

The following list describes which number should be used for each contribution to PPAM 2017.

Submit files of you paper, that fulfill the Springer requirements, using the EasyChair system.

Deadline for electronic submission of manuscripts is is November 02, 2017.