Globus: Fundamental tools for building your Grid (3 hour tutorial)

Jennifer M. Schopf

Argonne National Laboratory and eScience Institute



The Globus Project is developing fundamental technologies needed to build Grids --persistent environments that enable software applications to integrate instruments, displays, computational and information. This paradigm has become common in many application communities that use distributed resources in a coordinated manner.

In this session we will walk through a set of use cases that will demonstrate the use of many of the components which make up Globus, a set of open source software that includes services and libraries for security, resource management, monitoring and discovery, file transfer and data management. We summarize future plans, and give details on how others can contribute to this effort. We will then open up the session to community concerns and needs through discussion with the audience members.


Dr. Jennifer M. Schopf is a Scientist in the Distributed Systems Lab at Argonne National Laboratory. She is a member of the Globus Alliance, technology lead for the Monitoring and Discovery Service, chair of the Incubator Management project which works with new project intake, and Director for the SciDAC Center for Enabling Distributed Petascale Science (CEDPS). She received MS and PhD degrees from the University of California, San Diego in Computer Science and Engineering.

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